Step 1: Tell us what you want

After submitting your enquiry, we will call to understand exactly what you are looking for, how you will use your vehicle, what type of driving and what are your must haves.

Spending time on understanding your colour preferences, driving habits, budget, payment method allows us to know what vehicles you will be interested in.

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Step 2: Search

While your at work or doing something you enjoy, we look through various car search engines, look up industry specific data to find you the best car to suit your budget and needs.

We will send you emails, text or call as per your requests on any vehicle that we think meets your requirements and you will provide feedback.

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Step 3: Securing a Car

Once we have found you your next car, we will negotiate and secure the vehicle on your behalf, either after consultation with you or as per your requests.  This will be subject to final inspection and check over by yourself.  We also arrange mechanical inspections and checks before you travel to inspect.

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Used car purchasing made easy!

This is not a fun exercise for the average person, we look to make that easier for you!

Depending on the specifics of the vehicle that you are looking for, it is sometimes hard to understand what is a good deal and what is not.

With access to industry data, we know what vehicles have sold for in that model line, how long they lasted, what they were listed for when they were de-listed from sale.

Used Car Now also knows most dealers and can cut to the chase in regards to negotiation, having been involved in the motor vehicle industry for over twenty years.

We listen to what you want, when you want it and look to make the experience great.  Don't put up with your phone ringing of the hook with every enquiry you make, let us do the hard work and you enjoy the experience.

Car Purchase Frustration

Next Steps...

Contact us now to get the search started, we charge $99 to start the search process, which covers daily searches, enquiries and follow up, monitoring used car to see if they have been reduced and more.